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Bring on Some Fair Weather!

Robin McConaughy

Robin McConaughy

Royal Nuptials aside, we could use a few more brights spots in our week. As in sun.

Whilst Meghan and Harry tied the knot amid a city full of pomp and circumstance (Did she forget to curtsey to the Queen? What was that an empty chair next to Prince William all about? Was Meghan's father ever really going to come to the wedding, and why was he in Mexico? and so on…) we lingered yet again in a day of rain and drear. Cold 50-ish temps and the month of May do not mix. Our peonies have all but given up trying to bloom.

You know that feeling? Every day seems like the last and each one is seems like it will be better than the next?


We are politely asking Mother Nature to throw an assist here and let us do the things of spring. Like get outside with friends.


Or get out alone, contemplate bird song and soak in some vitamin D.


Perhaps take an early swim.


Or just simply just roll around in the grass.


Happily, our calls are being answered next week. So this weekend, we will watch nuptials and movies, cook and wait for the week's sun to arrive. And before you know it, June will be ‘busting out all over!”Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 2.31.19 PM


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