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Beautiful Pictures From the Martin Tract

Robin McConaughy

Robin McConaughy

Double Brook FarmJK, our superbly talented neighbor, took a walk a couple of weeks ago to the pond on the Martin tract. She sent me these fantastic photos. The walk to the pond was ho-hum, with the obligatory animals on pasture…

Double Brook FarmBut the pond had come into full spring and was absolutely bristling with wildlife and beauty.

Double Brook FarmFirst, there was an inspection of the beaver dam and continuing evidence of their destructive ways.

Double Brook Farm

Double Brook FarmSitting by the pond, JK saw tons of red winged blackbirds, swallows and turtles, as well as some Canada geese (naturally) with goslings.

Double Brook FarmBut it was the action between a green heron and a red winged blackbird that really caught her eye. Apparently, the heron was encroaching on the blackbird’s territory. Swooping in and finding a perch to survey the happenings at the pond.

Double Brook FarmHerons will eat small birds and bird eggs. And this blackbird saw the heron coming a mile away and was having none of it. (The picture below is just stunning!).

Double Brook FarmThe male quickly gave chase, which JK caught on camera.

Double Brook FarmAfter that drama unfolded, the birds took to the water and resumed normal activities.

Double Brook FarmAll in all, a wonderful pictorial. Thank you JK for sharing these beautiful images with us!

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