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They Grow So Fast

Robin McConaughy

Robin McConaughy

Double Brook FarmOne amazing thing about pigs is their ability to reproduce – and grow – at lighting speed. The gestation period for a pig is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days – ON THE NOSE. We do have some piglets just born over by the solar barn. Here they are peeking out of their enclosure…

Double Brook FarmThese little guys above are probably 2 weeks old and still need the heat lamp inside the hut. Right next to them is a group of Ossabaws. About a 6 weeks old, they also need the heat lamp but are expert burrowers in the hay. The females are all black and the males have black & tan spots. Love the little runt out front!

Double Brook FarmIn the solar barn on one side, we have the 3-6 month old pigs. No longer nursing, they roam in a pack. As always, they fly away running when you approach, and then come trotting back to see why you’re there.

Double Brook FarmFinally, on the other side of the barn are the larger 6-18 month old pigs. These guys take leisure to a whole new level. Their enclosure opens out to a paddock in the back where they can root through the snow and grasses. But really, they like to just relax.

Double Brook Farm

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