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Pigs in the Barn, Pigs in the Field

Robin McConaughy

Robin McConaughy

Double Brook FarmThere are pigs everywhere on the farm right now. Young, old, fat, skinny, big, small, skittish, chummy – all types! They stay with their mothers until they are weaned.

Double Brook FarmSome young Berkshires peek out of their huts!

Double Brook FarmAnd then go into a ‘kindergarten’ with all the other weanlings.

Double Brook FarmThere is a lot of interaction here – playing and sniffing around.

Double Brook FarmOr just sleeping and wallowing, like this female Ossabaw below.

Double Brook FarmFinally, all the pigs are let outside on the fresh grass to root and lounge about.

Double Brook FarmThey are a little older here and much calmer.

Double Brook FarmThis Tamworth sow is always relaxed. She goes from one spot to another and lays down.

Double Brook FarmThe grass is fairly high now…

Double Brook FarmBut in a week’s time, these pigs will have reduced this field to dirt and turned the soil completely! It’s a lot of work, but someone’s got to do it.

Double Brook FarmAnd once they’re out of this field and onto another, the cycle of growth will start again…

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