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Lambs Everywhere and Mystery on Aunt Molly

These sheep are so happy in this warm summer spring weather. And they are lambing beautifully. Kayla has been putting in a Herculean effort checking on the ewes and lambs and making sure they are comfortable, healthy and bonding! The book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ definitely cannot prepare …

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As Promised

Here is the video of Jon and Liliana cutting a rug at the Dazzle benefit for Young Audiences. Complete, utter transformation! Yet, to say he was ‘out of his comfort zone’ in these threads would be a gross understatement. The farmer was very happy to put his jeans, a t-shirt …

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Jon Digs Deep and Makes His Dancing Debut for a Cause

Once in a great while, as when hell freezes over and pigs fly, Jon can be coaxed to the dance floor. Settings include weddings and milestone birthday parties and… that’s just about it. It really is like spotting a snow leopard, and for good reason. Jon’s technique, or what we …

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Great Holiday Weekend

We were out walking around on Easter Sunday and came across some activity over in the veggie fields. Stephanie and John were getting ahead of the rain and setting up the beds before they headed out to watch NCAA basketball for their Easter feast. Great pic! We are using the …

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