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Are You Ready for Thanksgiving? Double Brook Goodies at Brick Farm Market

Robin McConaughy

Robin McConaughy

**Please take note of our ADDED DAY at Brick Farm Market. We will be open the Monday before Thanksgiving for you to start picking up turkeys and roasts, get breads, cheeses, meats and all manner of snacks for you holiday feasting. We have brought in additional pastured eggs (among other dairy), so Jerry no longer has to release them from his private stash! I mean, just look at the stress he’s been under!

Double Brook FarmI was out in in the fields yesterday visiting with the chickens. Bill escorted me in to see the birds and dogs. That’s a lot of guard dog protection for this poultry!

Double Brook FarmThe divas chickens were happy that the frost was lifted and they could really get down to foraging.

Double Brook FarmIn other poultry news, we are gathering our strength for a major effort this weekend (have you ever tried catching a heritage bird? The expression ‘like a greased pig’ comes to mind…). All of the turkeys will be processed and readied for sale at the market. We have sold 350! That’s a lot of birds, but the crew is up to the challenge. All hands on deck!

Double Brook FarmOver by the woods, this porcine lovely (above) was assessing whether or not I had some scraps from our kitchen. Look at that shiny hair! How does she do it?? Argan oil?
I’ll have to ask Orlando…

Double Brook FarmOf course I couldn’t be near the pigs without also checking in on our friend, Gordita, the sheep who now lives with the pigs (yes, the one we still can’t catch). Check her out! The camera can’t even ‘catch’ her properly.

Double Brook FarmActually, it sort of looks like someone put a sheep cardboard cutout in the woods…

This is also the season that my favorite insect lays its eggs and fades into winter. I have spotted so many praying mantises around the farm. But this one took me by surprise because it STARED ME DOWN as I was photographing it.

Double Brook FarmIt literally snapped it’s head around. No, of course I didn’t scream and drop my camera. Much. But then she turned and gazed out toward the fields for a moment of reflection.

Double Brook FarmI hope you all get to enjoy such a moment of quiet before the whirlwind of the holidays…

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