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Afternoon Walk on the Farm

Robin McConaughy

Robin McConaughy

Double Brook FarmNow and for the next couple of months we will go between perfectly beautiful and clean (with a layer of snow) to genuinely sloppy and unkempt. But even with the farm at its most muddy and crusty, there is always something extraordinary to look at, such as the reflection of the winter sun in the puddle above.

Looks like I wasn’t the only one out for a walk. Tom and Jerry were making a racket right behind me!

Double Brook FarmIt is a slow time on the farm. Very few litters, calves and lambs and a lot time for planning the next season. And the animals do a fair amount of laying about, vying for the best place to burrow in and snooze.

Double Brook Farm

Double Brook FarmI am especially fascinated with the chickens. These laying hens are mixed bag of Barred Rock, Ameraucanas (the Easter Egg chicken, below), Rhode Island Reds and a few others.

Double Brook FarmThey’re quite curious, but they move around quickly. Sometimes you can’t get the shot…

Double Brook FarmBut sometimes you can…and it might haunt your dreams!

Double Brook FarmI’m pretty sure this chicken was a bouncer in another life.

Double Brook FarmWe made a special visit yesterday to Rosemary, a longtime and important friend of the farm. Just like the plant for which she is named, her spirit, strength and beauty shine through and are contagious no matter the ‘season’. We are sending our best wishes and thoughts to her and her family.

Double Brook Farm

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